Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This house prohibits all kinds of online games

Government :
- I absolutely agree. Because for children spent all of their time in front of computer is not good activity
- Absolutely complaints of parents included on their childrens achievement. Playing too much online games until they forget their right obligation being a student.
- Example in Vietnam, the government of vietnam announce that will prohibits to some game online from inning their country. In the case of many teenager in their country doing criminallity just for obtaining a money for playing those game. The horrible case is there is a 15 years old girls doing something bad to a 4 years old child just for obtaining some moneys to play her favorite game online.
Opposition :
- Absolutely i don’t agree with it. because on this era of technology many game online that give many advantage and education

- to increase our creativity such as Brain teaser, Students will really have to use their brain to solve each weekly math word problem in this game.
- Games online can promote our culture to international. Example angklung game that made by Indonesian
- We can communicate with other gamers from another country. And it can increase our insight.
- Many game online competition / big event being held in a range from national to international
- do you know that playing games its so comfortable?
- Whether with stopping game online permission can guarantee under-aged teenagers being immune by the negative aspect from the game. Isn’t that things happened because less of parent attention that properly should control from beginning the game is being played.

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