Wednesday, December 29, 2010

If I Have one million dollar

If I Have one million dollar

If I have one million dollar, I will continue my study to abroad. I will choose Singapore or USA because I have family over there. So, I will not think about my accommodations and accommodation fee. Previously, I will study many languages with good teachers especially in English, Chinese, Dutch, French, Spanish, and etc.

After, I finish my study. I will go around Indonesia with my family. I will try traditional foods. After that, I will go around the world with my family especially I will visit popular country, popular place, and history place. I will go to diving, skating , paralayang, bunging jumping, and I will try all extreme sport.

I will buy 1000 hectare land and I will build houses like a complex for my family. One for my parent, one for my old brother, one for my second brother, one for my grandmother and my aunt’s family, and one for me.

I will buy car, sophisticated laptop, sophisticated hand phone, a set complete of kitchen tools for my mother.

I will build many shops such as accessories shop, clothes shop, restaurant, bookstore, and something like that for long term investment. And I will employ the Indonesian and they must have skill to be the good employer or worker. So, I can make decrease of unemployment in Indonesia.

I will build reformatory, old folks’ home, and many others social house institute. I will give contributions to give training and they (waif, singing beggar or something like that) can be skilled. So, they can be autonomous.

I will give contributions in social organization such as Greenpeace, WWF, IVU, or something like that and I will be follower.

I will buy helicopter and I can go anywhere I want.

I will give financial capital for who want to expand her/his business without interest.

I will do it step by step. ^_^

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