Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Government :
 Absolutely it have to be STOP. Example the case that happen in Taiwan. The result of health department of taiwan, that indomie contains 2 preservatives. That is hydroxy methyl bezoate on its noodles and benzoic acid on ots flavor. That preservatives had prohibited by canada and europe. If we consume this thing that will be effected for our health
-Nothing with a instant thing is healthy! Everyone trust that. Is it healthy to consume instant noodles ? moerover noodles that contains of perservatives material and other chemistrial material. There is a case where a patient got intestines cancer because consumed instant noodles. And there’s also a case where the noodle flavor stack in the intestines, it’s so horibble isn’t it ?
-I don’t understand why our government still allow the dangerous product for health still produced and distributed along this country.
Opposition :
- Importer of indomie in taiwan, fok hing trading said that indomie product already fulfil the security standard of food in hongkong in spite of the world health organization (WHO). So why we must stop producting and distributing it ?wheras WHO already declared it’s safe to consume. “indomie noodles safe to be eat and they entered hongkong through a legal import” writed by fok hing trading. “ product that founded in taiwan was expected imported ilegally”.
- Let’s say much. Everything if we consume it too much is not good, right ?
So why it’s forbid as long as it safe for health ? as long as you want to eat you think to eat noodles. Of course you’ll be sick even you don’t have any illness. Noodles is just a secondary food when we don’t have time to make dishes. So if noodles not producted anymore, the person that suffered is us. Moreever the taste is good. So why we have too stop producting and distributing it ?

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