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Reviewed by YULYANTI

Title : Behind Closed Doors
Genre : True Story
Author : Jenny Tomlin
Year : 2007
Page : 253 pages
Stars : Jenny, Kim, Laurence, Carole, Chris, Jenny’s uncle and Jenny’s Parent

Jenny was born as one of five brother and sister in East End. When Jenny was a child, her life was full of terror and inhumanity. Hard hit, insult, and sex violation by her father and she was usually fell it.
Jenny wrote story of her life with its title is Behind Closed Doors because her friend as her agency too that she gave belief for her. Her name is Jaine. She gave her belief to Jenny’s book and Jenny was decision to publish jenny’s book that it was very amazing. And fully support was given by Martine (her daughter). This book will not ever publish without Kim. Kim is Jenny’s young sister, care about her, and her adviser. And Kim is very terrific. Kim was enabling to jenny to express her bitterness of her old memory. Added again, for them who ever present into her life for good or bad.
So hard, Jenny dug her bitter memory again. And it was buried for along time. But after her father dead. Jenny felt to need wrote what happened in her life to free her self from grip of that incident. Jenny only wanted to tell a true story about beauty, evil, and bitterness when she was a child that it was so strong and hard but in the end make she was very stiff. Because of that this book could created.
In 1960, prosperity development pos war didn’t reach Jenny’s home at the London’s yet. Jenny has been staying in East End area, on Cherbury Street.
At the time, jenny with her brother and sister were growing in a house. Where, no body felt safe in inside. Jenny’s mother was surrender to her father demand. Beside of all horrified thing what made of Jenny’s father to them and Jenny’s mother was suffering cruel hardness.
Behind closed door of their flat. Jenny’s father considered his self as the king. They always worried and conscientious if they were near with their father. Because they knew that next at tact maybe happened any time. Sometimes, Jenny’s father was blow one of them, he bite without warning and without reason. As usually, he was provoked to make severity only by a little thing. Example : trod little thing on floor, left out of cigarette, not to fast to get a cup of tea, and etc. this is the reason of endless anger list.
Jenny’s father was seldom get out from his house and he was afraid which outside world of his little castle. Jenny’s mother cared to them with her own way. Jenny missed love of her mother. Jenny wanted bend on her safe and warm. But, she was never having a chance. The only one love expression between both of them only when her mother was suffering bite of her father. At the time, her mother would hug them in short time. It was only that.
How is the story of jenny life after that? How is jenny can stand with a life that full of hardness like this? Read and found the answer by yourself!
This true story tells about life of Jenny, her young sister (Kim), her old brother (Laurence), not only hold out but in the end, they could stand up from sunk of self esteem. With love power, intelligentsia, and believe with their self until jenny could free from her old memory.
Over all, this book can become a mirror to our self. The moral value in this story is very deep and very good. Scene of this story can make our tears go out from its habitat. The reader will not fell loss if they read this book. I give it A.

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