Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Life Cycle of the clonorchis sinensis

Life Cycle of
the clonorchis sinensis

Do you know Clonorchis sinensis is an invertebrate??? Can you tell me that Clonorchis sinensis is classificated to what class??? Right, ‘vermes’. Clonorchis sinensis is classificated in Plathyhelmintes phylum or flast worm. Clonorchis sinensis is parasite in liver─human gall-duct.

First, eggs get out with dung pass on bowels. Then, from eggs, it transform to miracidium. Miracidium larvas get into snail Lymnae trunculata body’s. In snail body’s, the miracidium larvas grow become sporocysta. From sporocysta grow become redia. Do want to know what it gonna be then??? Any want know??? The answer is cercaria.
After that, they get into fish body’s. And from cercaria transform to metacercaria. If, the fish is eaten by human. So, they get into human’s bowels. In our liver, they bend to adult worm and they get into gall-cell. In here, worms fertilize the eggs form gall into bowels. Eggs get out with dung pass on bowels and it continuous like that.
Then, for our summary of this topic is life cycle of the Clonorchis sinensis have 12 step from eggs until become eggs again.So, its not only trifle things. Because from this tiny worms can become parasite in our body and absorb nutrition of our body. Do you understand so far??? Well, if I made a mistake, I’m so sorry for that. Bye.

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