Wednesday, December 14, 2011

SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)
An SOP is a set of instructions or steps someone follows to complete a job safely, with no adverse impact on the environment, and in a way that maximizes operational and production requirements.

Ten Reasons For Writting SOPs :
1. To provide individuals who perform operations with an the safety, health, environmental and operational informastion required to perform a job properly.
2. To protect the health and safety of employees, and protect the environment.
3. to protect the community
4. To ensure that operations are done consistently in order to maintain quality control of processes and products.
5. To ensure that processes continue and are completed on a prescribed schedule.
6. To ensure that no failures occur in manufacturing and related processes taht would harm employees or anyone in the surrounding community.
7. To ensure that approved procedures are followed in compliance with company and government regulations.
8. To serve as a training document for teaching users about a process.
9. To serve as an historical record of the how, why, and when of steps in a process for use when modifications are made to that process and when a SOP must be revise.
10. To serve as an explanation of steps in a process that can be reviewed in incident investigations that sek to improve safety practices and operating.

Who should you write an SOP for?
-> for people who perform jobs by themselves, who work together on a job, and who supervise other people doing a job.
When should you write an SOP?
-> for all job before a job is begun.
How long should an SOP be?
-> SOPs can be either long, short or both.

5 elements of SOP : Title page, Table of contents, procedures, quality control and qualiti assurance section and reference section.

Job Advertisement,Application Letter, and Curriculum Vitae
four most important areas of information :
1. The company name, the company contact information, and company description.
2. the job title,job number, and job requirements.
3. the contact person.
4. application requirements.

Cover Letter : 1. Heading, 2. Introduction, 3. Argument / body Paragraphs, 4. closing.

and the last, don't forget how writing a application letter according to CV.

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