Wednesday, April 13, 2011

GRAMMAR : Compound adjectives

Compound adjectives

Compound adjectives are modifying phrases made up of two or more words that can be joined by a hypen,appear as a single word, or appear as two separate words. Three common patterns for compound adjectives in English are :
a. adjective + noun + -ed
    ex : coolheaded , gray-haired, kindhearted.
b. adverb + past participle
    ex : well-dressed , widely respected
c. adjective, adverb, or noun + present participle
    ex : good-looking , fast-talking, thought-provoking

rewrite these sentences using compound adjectives. More than one answer is possible.
1. Michael Jordan is an athlete who everybody knows.
ex -> answer :Michael Jordan is a well-known athlete.
2. Martin Luther King Jr. had many ideas that provoked people to think.
3. Stephen Hawking is respected in many different countries for his original ideas on the origins of the universe
4. Unfortunately, Harriet Tubman is a person few people know outside of the U.S.
5. The Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa was a man with a strong will
6. Mother Teresa was missionary with a kind heart.
7. Successful entrepreneurs must always look forward into the future.

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