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Life Cycle of the clonorchis sinensis

Life Cycle of
the clonorchis sinensis

Do you know Clonorchis sinensis is an invertebrate??? Can you tell me that Clonorchis sinensis is classificated to what class??? Right, ‘vermes’. Clonorchis sinensis is classificated in Plathyhelmintes phylum or flast worm. Clonorchis sinensis is parasite in liver─human gall-duct.

First, eggs get out with dung pass on bowels. Then, from eggs, it transform to miracidium. Miracidium larvas get into snail Lymnae trunculata body’s. In snail body’s, the miracidium larvas grow become sporocysta. From sporocysta grow become redia. Do want to know what it gonna be then??? Any want know??? The answer is cercaria.
After that, they get into fish body’s. And from cercaria transform to metacercaria. If, the fish is eaten by human. So, they get into human’s bowels. In our liver, they bend to adult worm and they get into gall-cell. In here, worms fertilize the eggs form gall into bowels. Eggs get out with dung pass on bowels and it continuous like that.
Then, for our summary of this topic is life cycle of the Clonorchis sinensis have 12 step from eggs until become eggs again.So, its not only trifle things. Because from this tiny worms can become parasite in our body and absorb nutrition of our body. Do you understand so far??? Well, if I made a mistake, I’m so sorry for that. Bye.

If I Have one million dollar

If I Have one million dollar

If I have one million dollar, I will continue my study to abroad. I will choose Singapore or USA because I have family over there. So, I will not think about my accommodations and accommodation fee. Previously, I will study many languages with good teachers especially in English, Chinese, Dutch, French, Spanish, and etc.

After, I finish my study. I will go around Indonesia with my family. I will try traditional foods. After that, I will go around the world with my family especially I will visit popular country, popular place, and history place. I will go to diving, skating , paralayang, bunging jumping, and I will try all extreme sport.

I will buy 1000 hectare land and I will build houses like a complex for my family. One for my parent, one for my old brother, one for my second brother, one for my grandmother and my aunt’s family, and one for me.

I will buy car, sophisticated laptop, sophisticated hand phone, a set complete of kitchen tools for my mother.

I will build many shops such as accessories shop, clothes shop, restaurant, bookstore, and something like that for long term investment. And I will employ the Indonesian and they must have skill to be the good employer or worker. So, I can make decrease of unemployment in Indonesia.

I will build reformatory, old folks’ home, and many others social house institute. I will give contributions to give training and they (waif, singing beggar or something like that) can be skilled. So, they can be autonomous.

I will give contributions in social organization such as Greenpeace, WWF, IVU, or something like that and I will be follower.

I will buy helicopter and I can go anywhere I want.

I will give financial capital for who want to expand her/his business without interest.

I will do it step by step. ^_^


Reviewed by YULYANTI

Title : Behind Closed Doors
Genre : True Story
Author : Jenny Tomlin
Year : 2007
Page : 253 pages
Stars : Jenny, Kim, Laurence, Carole, Chris, Jenny’s uncle and Jenny’s Parent

Jenny was born as one of five brother and sister in East End. When Jenny was a child, her life was full of terror and inhumanity. Hard hit, insult, and sex violation by her father and she was usually fell it.
Jenny wrote story of her life with its title is Behind Closed Doors because her friend as her agency too that she gave belief for her. Her name is Jaine. She gave her belief to Jenny’s book and Jenny was decision to publish jenny’s book that it was very amazing. And fully support was given by Martine (her daughter). This book will not ever publish without Kim. Kim is Jenny’s young sister, care about her, and her adviser. And Kim is very terrific. Kim was enabling to jenny to express her bitterness of her old memory. Added again, for them who ever present into her life for good or bad.
So hard, Jenny dug her bitter memory again. And it was buried for along time. But after her father dead. Jenny felt to need wrote what happened in her life to free her self from grip of that incident. Jenny only wanted to tell a true story about beauty, evil, and bitterness when she was a child that it was so strong and hard but in the end make she was very stiff. Because of that this book could created.
In 1960, prosperity development pos war didn’t reach Jenny’s home at the London’s yet. Jenny has been staying in East End area, on Cherbury Street.
At the time, jenny with her brother and sister were growing in a house. Where, no body felt safe in inside. Jenny’s mother was surrender to her father demand. Beside of all horrified thing what made of Jenny’s father to them and Jenny’s mother was suffering cruel hardness.
Behind closed door of their flat. Jenny’s father considered his self as the king. They always worried and conscientious if they were near with their father. Because they knew that next at tact maybe happened any time. Sometimes, Jenny’s father was blow one of them, he bite without warning and without reason. As usually, he was provoked to make severity only by a little thing. Example : trod little thing on floor, left out of cigarette, not to fast to get a cup of tea, and etc. this is the reason of endless anger list.
Jenny’s father was seldom get out from his house and he was afraid which outside world of his little castle. Jenny’s mother cared to them with her own way. Jenny missed love of her mother. Jenny wanted bend on her safe and warm. But, she was never having a chance. The only one love expression between both of them only when her mother was suffering bite of her father. At the time, her mother would hug them in short time. It was only that.
How is the story of jenny life after that? How is jenny can stand with a life that full of hardness like this? Read and found the answer by yourself!
This true story tells about life of Jenny, her young sister (Kim), her old brother (Laurence), not only hold out but in the end, they could stand up from sunk of self esteem. With love power, intelligentsia, and believe with their self until jenny could free from her old memory.
Over all, this book can become a mirror to our self. The moral value in this story is very deep and very good. Scene of this story can make our tears go out from its habitat. The reader will not fell loss if they read this book. I give it A.
Government :
 Absolutely it have to be STOP. Example the case that happen in Taiwan. The result of health department of taiwan, that indomie contains 2 preservatives. That is hydroxy methyl bezoate on its noodles and benzoic acid on ots flavor. That preservatives had prohibited by canada and europe. If we consume this thing that will be effected for our health
-Nothing with a instant thing is healthy! Everyone trust that. Is it healthy to consume instant noodles ? moerover noodles that contains of perservatives material and other chemistrial material. There is a case where a patient got intestines cancer because consumed instant noodles. And there’s also a case where the noodle flavor stack in the intestines, it’s so horibble isn’t it ?
-I don’t understand why our government still allow the dangerous product for health still produced and distributed along this country.
Opposition :
- Importer of indomie in taiwan, fok hing trading said that indomie product already fulfil the security standard of food in hongkong in spite of the world health organization (WHO). So why we must stop producting and distributing it ?wheras WHO already declared it’s safe to consume. “indomie noodles safe to be eat and they entered hongkong through a legal import” writed by fok hing trading. “ product that founded in taiwan was expected imported ilegally”.
- Let’s say much. Everything if we consume it too much is not good, right ?
So why it’s forbid as long as it safe for health ? as long as you want to eat you think to eat noodles. Of course you’ll be sick even you don’t have any illness. Noodles is just a secondary food when we don’t have time to make dishes. So if noodles not producted anymore, the person that suffered is us. Moreever the taste is good. So why we have too stop producting and distributing it ?

This house prohibits all kinds of online games

Government :
- I absolutely agree. Because for children spent all of their time in front of computer is not good activity
- Absolutely complaints of parents included on their childrens achievement. Playing too much online games until they forget their right obligation being a student.
- Example in Vietnam, the government of vietnam announce that will prohibits to some game online from inning their country. In the case of many teenager in their country doing criminallity just for obtaining a money for playing those game. The horrible case is there is a 15 years old girls doing something bad to a 4 years old child just for obtaining some moneys to play her favorite game online.
Opposition :
- Absolutely i don’t agree with it. because on this era of technology many game online that give many advantage and education

- to increase our creativity such as Brain teaser, Students will really have to use their brain to solve each weekly math word problem in this game.
- Games online can promote our culture to international. Example angklung game that made by Indonesian
- We can communicate with other gamers from another country. And it can increase our insight.
- Many game online competition / big event being held in a range from national to international
- do you know that playing games its so comfortable?
- Whether with stopping game online permission can guarantee under-aged teenagers being immune by the negative aspect from the game. Isn’t that things happened because less of parent attention that properly should control from beginning the game is being played.

This house prohibits pregnant student to join class

Government :
- You can imagine that students of elementry,junior and senior high school who is not yet 17 years old have pregnant without married in Indonesia? It this otomatically contravenes wiht our law added again if they are can to join class.
- Civil school in indonesia never give tolerir to their students who is pregnant without married and follow the study activity.
- I think, of course everyone (normal) i mean she is normal, she will ashamed if another person/ the others know that she is pregnant escpecially her parent of course. And she will drop out from her school. I ever found the case like is not something that make our surprise if heard that. Isn’t it?

Opposition :
 Can you imagine that you are one of that woman ? so? What happened with your education? Stop because something like that? I think it’s not fair. It can stop our creativity of our nation generation. How if that pragnant because of criminality? Or it is happened unintentionaly? Just only that. Many cases like that just happen in indonesia. The person that we think can’t do something bad to us can do it. i don’t need tell you what the bad think i mean. I believes all of you know. Especially that happen with woman. And we have to throw away our dream? Oooh.. it’s not fair. ooh..if you become her, you will doing something bad to your child in your stomach? STOP doing that. First, you live in the law country. Second no body ever never ever never take life of someone with any reason. Because a child is a gift from God.
 How if you have been married and continued your study and pregnant? Are you absolutely happy, aren’t you? Why that happy situation make you can’t join the class? It’s not fair.

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pendidikan kewarganegaraan

1. Pendidikan KWN Berbasis Pancasila

-> Yaitu pendidikan yang mengajarkan atau berisikan "civic education","democracy education", serta "citizenship education" yang berlandaskan filsafat pancasila serta mengandung identitas nasional Indonesia, memiliki peran yang strategis dalam mempersiapkan warganegara yang cerdas, bertanggung jawab dan berkeadaban.

->Tujuan utama pendidikan ini adalah untuk menumbuhkan wawasan dan kesadaran bernegara, sikap serta perilaku yang cinta tanah air dan bersendikan kebudayaan bangsa, wawasan nusantara serta ketahanan nasional dalam diri para warganegara NKRI

->Dasar pemikiran pendidikan ini adalah jiwa patriotik, rasa cinta tanah air, semangat kebangsaan, kesetiakawanan sosial, kesadaran pada sejarah bangsa dan sikap menghargai jasa para pahlawan.

2. Wawasan Nusantara dan Wawasan Nasional

-> Wawasan nasional bangsa Indonesia dikenal dengan wawasan nusantara.

-> Wawasan berasal dari kata 'wawas' yang berarti pandangan, tinjauan, atau penglihatan indrawi. Akar kata ini membentuk kata 'mawas' yang berarti memandang, meninjau, atau melihat. 'wawasan' berati cara pandang, cara tinjau, atau cara melihat.

-> Nusantara bersal dari kata 'Nusa' yang berarti pulau-pulau, dan 'antara' yang berarti diapit diantara 2 hal. Nusantara dipakai untuk menggambarkan kesatuan wilayah perairan dan gugusan pulau-pulau Indonesia yang terletak diantara samudera pasifik dan samudera Indonesia, serta diantara benua Asia dan benua Amerika.

-> Wawasan nasional berati cara pandang suatu bangsa tetntang diri dan lingkungannya yang dijabarkab dari dasar falsafah dan sejarah bangsa itu sesuai dengan posisi dan kondisi geografi negaranya untuk mencapai tujuan atau cita-cita nasionalnya.

-> Wawasan nusantara berarti cara pandang bangsa tentang diri dan lingkungannya berdasarkan pancasila dan UUD 1945 serta sesuai dengan geografi wilayah nusantara yang menjiwai kehidupan bangsa dalam mencapai tujuan/cita-cita nasionalnya. berperan membimbing bangsa Indonesia dalam penyelenggaran kehidupannya serta sebagai rambu-rambu dalam perjuangan mengisi kemerdekaan.

3. Perkembangan Wilayah indonesia mulai dari Proklamasi-ZEE berkaitan dengan wawasan nasional

-> a. Senjak 17-8-1945 samapai dengan 13-12-1957

Wilayah negara RI ketika merdeka meliputi wilayah bekas Hindia-Belanda tahun 1939 tentang batas wilayah laut teritorial Indonesia.

-> b. Dari deklarasi Juanda (13-12-1957) sampai dengan 17-02-1969

Pada tanggal 13 desember 1957 dikeluarkan deklarasi juanda dengan tujuan berikut :

1.) Perwujudan bentuk wilayah NKRI yang utuh dan bulat.

2.) Penentuan batas-batas wilayah negara indonesia disesuaikan dengan asas negara kepulauan

3.) Pengaturan lalu lintas damai pelayaran yang lebih menjamin kkeselamatan dan keamanan NKRI.

-> c. Dari 17-02-1969 (deklarasi Landas Kontinen) - sekarang

Asas-asas pokok yang termuat di dalam deklarasi tentang Landas Kontinen adalah :

1.) segala sumber kekayaan alam yang terdapat dalam landas kontinen Indonesia adalah milik eksklusif negara RI

2.) Pemerintah Indonesia bersedia menyelesaikan soal garis batas Landas kontinen dengan negara-negara tetangga melalui perundingan.

3.) Claim tersebut tidak mempengaruhi sifat serta status dari perairan di atas landas kontinen Indonesia maupun udara di atasnya.

-> d. ZEE (Zona Ekonomi Eksklusif)

Pengumuman pemerintah negara tentang ZEE terjadi pada 21 Maret 1980. Batas ZEE adalah selebar 200 mil yang dihitung dari garis dasar laut wilayah Indonesia.

4. Periodisasi Perkembangan demokrasi di Indonesia

-> a. Periode 1945-1959

Masa demokrasi parlementer yang menonjolkan peranan parlemen serta partai-partai

-> Periode 1959-1965

Masa demokrasi terpimpin yang dalam banyak aspek telah menyimpang dari demokrasi konstitusional dan lebih menampilkan beberapa aspek dari demokrasi rakyat yang ditandai dengan dominasi presiden.

-> Periode 1966-1998

Masa demokrasi Pancasila era orde Baru menonjolkan sistem presidensial. nama pancasila hanya digunakan sebagai legitimasi politis penguasa saat itu, sebab kenyataannya tidak sesuai dengan nilai-nilai pancasila.

-> d.Periode 1999-sekarang

Masa demokrasi Pancasila era reformasi. masa ini peran Parpol kembali menonjol, sehingga iklim demokrasi memperoleh nafas baru.Model demokrasi era reformasi, kurang mendasarkan pada keadilan sosial bagi seluruh rakyat Indonesia

5. Tiga macam sistem pemerintahan demokrasi Indonesia

-> a. Demokrasi Parlementer

-> b. Demokrasi Terpimpin

-> c. Demokrasi retorika

NB To 2TK : Cory yach wooy, gag lengkap. Sisanya cari sendiri.

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belajar tapi tetap santai_lihat video keponakan link ge joget..lucu loh..

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SOD_Sistem OPerasi

1.Close Source VS Open Source
Jawab : Open Source adalah suatu sistem yang memberikan kode software dalam dunia komputer khususnya dan Teknologi Informasi pada umumnya yang memberikan kepada pengguna kode sumber dari software tersebut sehingga orang lain bisa mengetahui dengan bahasa program apa software tersebut dibuat dan apa kelebihan dan kekurangan dari software tersebut dengan melihat kode yang ada. Sehingga dengan sistem ini akan menjadikan software tersebut setidaknya sedikit sekali memiliki kelemahan dikarenakan banyak yang melihat kode tersebut dan melakukan perbaikan dan penyempurnaan. Dan siapa saja boleh melakukan perbaikan dan penyempurnaan pada software tersebut. Yang perlu ditekankan bahwa program / software yang Open Source tidak selalu tersedia secara gratis. Tetap ada biaya yang dikeluarkan untuk membeli program tersebut. Contoh, misalnya Sistem Operasi RedHat Linux, program Linuxnya tetap dibeli dengan harga yang murah.

Berbeda sekali dengan Close Source yang sangat tertutup. Sehingga orang lain tidak akan bisa mengetahui dengan apa program tersebut dibuat dan bagaimana jika terjadi kesalahan pada software tersebut. Sehingga jika terdapat kesalahan program orang tersebut harus menghubungi pihak yang bersangkutan dengan pembuatan software tersebut dan hal ini jelas-jelas memakan waktu yang lama dan biaya yang tidak sedikit.

Perbedaan Open Source dan Close Source adalah pada program yang -Closed Source-, paket program tidak dapat didistribusikan lagi selain oleh pembuat / vendor program tersebut. Jika ada distribusi yang bukan oleh vendor program tersebut, maka itu dianggap sebagai pembajakan software. Atau dengan kata lain program yang -Closed Source- tidak dapat didistribusikan secara bebas, kecuali oleh vendor program tersebut. Sedangkan software yang Open Source, dapat didistribusikan secara bebas oleh siapapun. Paket program juga dapat digandakan secara bebas.

2.Contoh OS-nya
jawab :
-Contoh OS yang Open source adalah Linux, Solaris, Mac OS, Unix.

-Contoh OS yang Close Source adalah MS Windows yaitu Windows Desktop Environment (versi 1.x hingga versi 3.x), Windows 9x (Windows 95, 98, dan Windows ME), dan Windows NT (Windows NT 3.x, Windows NT 4.0) , Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (Seven), dan Windows Orient yang akan dirilis pada tahun 2014)).

3.Keunggulan dan kelemahan
jawab :
- Open Source
Keunggulan :
Gratis. Gratis disini maksudnya tidak perlu membeli lisensi untuk menggunakannnya.
Stabil. Contohnya saja Linux.
Source code yang disertakan sehingga dapat membuatnya sesuai kebutuhan.
Aman (secure). Contohnya saja Linux mengimplementasikan standar protokol keamanan yang yang sangat aman.
Cepat dan jalan terus (keep on running), tidak harus restart saat selesai install aplikasi.
Menjunjung tinggi kebebasan tiap orang untuk berkreasi.
Bebas virus. Mengapa bebas virus? Karena didalam sistem operasi Unix, setiapkali akan mengakses sistem, mengubah, menghapus, menambah bagian dari sistem, selalu diminta konfirmasi password, sedangkan virus tidak tahu password sistem kecuali pemilik sistem tersebut.
Mempunyai banyak pilihan sesuai dengan kebutuhan kita.

Kelemahan :
Misalnya saja Linux, banyak distro sehingga membuat user bingung.
Penggunaan/pengoperasian yang cukup sulit bagi para pengguna baru yang belum pernah menggunakan aplikasi yang ada pada open source itu sebelumnya.
Kualitas game yang kurang
Masih minim nya dukungan hardware dan driver
Kurangnya sosialisasi penggunaan Open Source
Tidak ada dukungan resmi
Software yang digunakan tidak tersedia
Ketergantungan dengan software bajakan
Sedikitnya buku tentang penggunaan Open source itu sendiri contohnya saja Linux.

-Close Source
Keunggulan :
Kompatibel dengan berbagai software
Tampilan friendly dan soft
Penggunaan bahasa umum dan luas

Kelemahan :
Harga yang tinggi
Keamanan tidak aman
Proses akselarasi tidak stabil

4.Batch System
jawab :
Dalam sistem batch, pengguna tidak perlu lagi memiliki akses langsung ke mesin. Pengguna menyerahkan pekerjaanya kepada operator komputer yang akan melakukan batch pekerjaan secara berurutan.
program-program pengguna ditampung bersama-sama (secara offline) dengan pengguna lainnya dan kemudian diserahkan ke sistem operasi oleh operator komputer.
program diselesaikan, hasilnya dicetak dan dikembalikan ke pengguna.
sistem batch murni sudah jarang ditemukan saat ini.

5.Multiprogramming system
jawab :
Multiprogramming memiliki pengertian yaitu Sistem Operasi dapat melayani banyak program yang tidak ada hubungannya antar program satu dengan yang lain, dan program-program tersebut dapat dijalankan sekaligus dalam satu komputer yang sama.

Pelaksanaan instruksi yang terjadi oleh Sistem Operasi adalah pada mulanya program dimuat ke dalam memori terlebih dahulu, kemudian program dijalankan hingga mengakses perangkat input dan output, kemudian software akan berpindah ke pekerjaan yang lainnya begitu pula jika ada program yang akan di jalankan lagi, dengan program yang sebelumnya telah dijalankan masih terus berjalan.

6.Time Sharing System
jawab :
Time Sharing merupakan variasi dari Multiprogramming, dimana setiap pemakai memiliki satu terminal online dengan pemroses hanya memberi layanan pada pemakai yang aktif secara bergantian dengan cepat. Pemakai akan merasa dilayani terus menerus,
padahal sebenarnya digilir waktu yang cukup singkat.

Sistem time-sharing didesain untuk memperbolehkan beberapa program seolah diproses secara bersamaan.

7.Multiprocessing System
jawab :
Isilah Multiprocessing mangacu kepada abilitas pemrosesan komputer yang dilakukan secara serentak. Hal ini memungkinkan dengan adanya penggunaan dua prosesor lebih dalam sebuah komputer lalu meng-alokasikan perintah kepada prosesor-prosesor tersebut.

Multiprocessing juga kadang mengacu pada kemampuan eksekusi terhadap beberapa proses perangkat lunak dalam sebuah sistem secara serentak, jika dibandingkan dengan sebuah proses dalam satu waktu, meski istilah multiprogramming lebih sesuai untuk konsep ini. Multiprocessing sering diibaratkan dalam perangkat keras atau hardware (dengan menggunakan beberapa CPU sekaligus), sementara multiprogramming sering digunakan dalam perangkat lunak(software). Suatu sistem mungkin dapat memiliki dua kemampuan tersebut, salah satu diantaranya, atau tidak sama sekali.

8.Distributed System
jawab :
Sistem operasi terdistribusi adalah melaksanakan komputasi secara terdistribusi diantara beberapa prosesor, hanya saja komputasinya bersifat loosely coupled system yaitu setiap prosesor mempunyai local memory sendiri. Komunikasi terjadi melalui bus atau jalur telepon. Keuntungannya hampir sama dengan multiprocessor, yaitu adanya pembagian sumber daya dan komputasi yang lebih cepat. Selain itu, pada distributed system juga terdapat keuntungan lain, yaitu memungkinkan komunikasi antar komputer.

9.Real Time System
jawab :
Sistem waktu nyata (Real Time Systems) ialah suatu sistem yang mengharuskan suatu komputasi selesai dalam jangka waktu tertentu. Jika komputasi ternyata belum selesai, maka sistem dianggap gagal dalam melakukan tugasnya.

perintah terminal linux

1. cara menshutdown linux lewat terminal :
jawab : sudo halt
kemudian ada perintah memasukkan password, masukkan password anda maka PC / ubuntu anda akan ter- shutdown
2. cara merestart PC lewat terminal :
jawab : klik sudo reboot
kemudian ada perintah memasukkan password, masukkan password anda maka PC / ubuntu anda akan ter- restart
3. cara keluar dari dari terminal tanpa menggunakan icon close
jawab : klik exit

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Matakuliah : Basic English 2
Dosen : DAI, TNA, LIA, ASN
Kelas : English B,C,D,H,I,J
Waktu : 90 menit
Sifat Ujian : Close Book/Dictionary

I. Choose the one word or phrase marked A,B,C, or D that best completes the sentence
1. _________ on the weekend ?
A. What you like to do C. What you like
B. What do you like to do D. What do you like

2. Are you going ________ spaghetti today?
A. cook C. to cook
B. cooking D. to cooking

3. What did your friends _______ you for your last birthday?
A. give C. to give
B. gave D. giving

4. X : What are the books?
Y : _______ on my desk.
A. It’s C. Its is
B. They’re D. there are

5. Would you like ______?
A. some ice creams C. Some ice cream
B. an ice cream D. ice creams

6. I’ll __________this weekend
A. go to swimmng C. go swim
B. going swimming D. go swimming

7. This printer is _______ the other one
A. fast than C. more fast than
B. faster than D. more faster than

8. I ________ asleep last night
A. can’t fall C. couldn’t fell
B. couldn’t fell D. couldn’t fall

9. John last his wallet while he _____ in the park
A. jogs C. jogging
B. jogged D. was jogging
10. The weather in Honolulu is __________ the weather in Miami.
A. good than C. better than
B. more good than D. better

11. If it’s sunny, I _______to the beach
A. will go C. will went
B. would go D. would went

12. I _______ an accident this morning.
A. see C. seeing
B. saw D. seen

13. My sister drove the car ________.
A. slow C. slower
B. slowly D. more slow

14. Charlie ________to eat the soup because it was too hot.
A. isn’t able C. wasn’t able
B. couldn’t able D. couldn’t

15. The doctor suggested me to eat _____ fatty meat.
A. few C. fewer
B. more little D. less

16. They __________ while they were skating.
A. fall C. fell
B. felt D. fallen

17. We got wet paint all over _______.
A. ourself C. our
B. ourselves D. ours

18. Keshia ________ eating rich desserts.
A. must stop C. must to stop
B. must stops D. must stopping

19. Add _______ tomatoes to your soup.
A. a little C. more little
B. much D. few
20. The kids can’t eat ______they did before.
A. as much ice cream as C. as much ace cream than
B. as many ice cream as D. as many ice cream than

II. Error analysis. Find the errors in the following text and correct them
The burning off gasoline are the one of the bigger sources of carbon monoxide (CO) across from the atmosphere. Some person believes that CO is causing global warming. They thinks CO thins the ozone layer, which protect we from the sun’s ray. So, tried walking, bicycle, or drive at steady speeds – this are more efficienting than speeding up and slowing down.

1. off -> of 6. _______
2. _______ 7. _______
3. _______ 8. _______
4. _______ 9. _______
5. _______ 10. ______

III. Write a paragraph about your favorite movies/music, at least 10 sentences


MATRIKULASI MATA KULIAH : INTERNET TEKNIK 6 SOAL QUIZ BESERTA JAWABANNYA..^^ 1. Jelaskan dengan singkat apa yang dimaksud dengan : a. Email b. Mailing List (milis) 2. Jelaskan dengan singkat variasi bentuk komunikasi dengan email ! 3. Sebutkan alamat email yang kamu ketahui! Jawab 1. a. Email (Elektronik Email) merupakan proses dan cara pengiriman pesan (mail) atau gambar b. Milis merupakan media komunikasi untuk bertukar informasi,diskusi dan lain-lain tentang topik dengan sebuah group. 2. a. Point to point = Berkomunikasi langsung ke alamat yang dituju b. CC (Carbon Copy) = Selain ke alamat utama juga mengirimkan tembusan ke alamat lain. c. BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) = variasi dari CC d. Distribution List = Bagi orang kepentingan mengirimkan berita harian, pengumuman, dan lain-lain, dan tidak mengharapkan respon dari alamat yang dituju (media komunikasi satu arah) e. Discussion List = (mailing list/milis) 3.,,

Thursday, July 08, 2010

PRograM C 'Deret BilaNgan FibOnacci'

/*Nama = Yulyanti ; NIM = 0910117260006*/


int fibo(int n,int z)
int i,u=1,y=1;

for(i=1;i<=n-3;i++) { u=y; y=z; z=u+y; printf(" %d ",z); } } main() { int z,n,u=1,y=1; clrscr(); printf("\t\t---Deret Bilangan Fibonaci---\n\n"); printf("Input n deret bilangan fibonaci yang ingin Anda tampilkan="); scanf("%d",&n); z=u+y; printf("=> %d %d %d",u,y,z);