Friday, January 04, 2013

CCNA Discovery Modul 4 Answers

1. Company XYZ uses a network address of It uses the mask of to create subnets. What is the maximum number of usable hosts in each subnet?

2. Which statement describes NAT overload or PAT?
    Each internal address is dynamically translated to an individual external IP address
    A single internal address is always translated is always translated to the same unique external IP address
   *Many internal address can be translated to a single IP address using different port assignments
    Many internal addresses are statically assigned a single IP adress and port to use for communications

3. Which two statements describes classful IP addresses? (Choose two)
    It is possible to determine which class an address belongs to by reading the first bit
   *The number of bits used to identify the hosts is fixed by the class of the network
    Only class a addresses can be represented by high-order bits 100
   *Up to 24 bits can make up the host portion of a Class C address
    All subnets in a network are the same size
    Thress of the five classes of addresses are reserved for multicasts and experimental use

4. Which IPv4 class provides the highest number of host addresses per network?
   *Class A
    Class B
    Class C
    Class D
    Class E

5. IPv4 increases the IP address size from 32 bits to how many bits?

6. What is the network broadcast address for a Class C address of with the default subnet mask?

7. What is the range of the first octet in a Class B address?
    127 to 191
    127 to 192
   *128 to 191
    128 to 192

8. Which statement accurately describes public IP addresses?
    Public addresses can not be used within a private network
   *Public IP addresses must be unique across the the entire internet
    Public addresses can be duplicated only within a local network
    Public IP addresses are only required to be unique within the local network
    Network administrators are free to select any public addresses to use for network devices that access the internet


Refer to exhibit Host A is connected to the LAN, but it cannot get access to any resources on the internet. The configuration of the host is shown in the exhibit. What could be the cause of the problem?
    The host subnet mask is incorrect
    The default gateway is a network address
    The default gateway is a broadcast address
   *The default gateway is on a different subnet from the host

10. Which option shows the proper notation for an IPv6 address?

11. What are two reasons that NAT was developed? (Choose two)
    To preserve registered public IP addresses
    To allow users on the public internet to access local networks
   *To provide a methos for privately addresses LANs to participate in the internet
    To make routing protocols operate more efficiently
   *To allow private addresses to be routed on the public internet
    To reduce overhead and CPU usage on gateway routers

12. Convert the decimal number 231 into its binary equivalent. Select the correst answer from the list below.

13. Which IPv4 class of addresses provides the most networks?
    Class A
    Class B
    *Class C
    Class D
    Class E

14. In an 8 bit binary number, what is the total number of combinations of the eight bits?

15. Which port number are used by pAT to create unique global addresses?
    255 and below
    1023 and below
   *1024 and above
    64000 and above

16. How many usable hosts are available given a Class C IP address with the default subnet mask?


Refer to the exhibit. Which range of IP addresses would allow hosts that are connected to the Router Fa0/0 interface to access outside networks? through
    * through through through through

18. Static NAT works by mapping a specific inside local IP address to what other specific address type?
    *Inside global
    outside global
    outside local
    private IP address

19. What must happen for a privately addressed host on an inside local network to be able to communicate with an outside destination host on the internet?
    The host IP address must be translated to an outside private address
    The host IP address must be translated to an inside local address
    The host IP address must be translated to an outside local address
    *The host IP address must be translated to an inside global address


Refer to exhibit. R1 is performing NAT for the inside network. HostA has sent a request to the web server. What is the destination IP address of the return packet from the web server?

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

CCNA Discovery Modul 3 Answers

1. A manufacturing company is in the process of a network upgrade. Which two procedures describe the selection and design phase components of the upgrade process? (Choose two)
   *Bring the netwotk into service
    Create and test prototypes
   *Monitor the operation and record changes
    Identify and address the weaknesses of the design
    Compare the user experience with the goals in the documentation

2. What is the benefit for a company to use an ISR router?
   *An ISR provides the functionality of a switch, router, and firewall in one device
    ISRs user a PC operating system for routing traffic, thus simplifying configuration and management
    An ISR is immune to security attacks by hackers and so replace all other network security measures
    ISRs make routing decisions at OSI Layer 7, thus providing more intelligence to the network than do other routers.

    Refer to exhibit. Which type of twisted pair cable is used between each device?
    A=console, B=straight, C=crossover, D=crossover, E=straight
    A=straight, B=straight, C=straight, D=crossover, E=console
    A=crossover, B=straight, C=straight, D=crossover, E=crossover
   *A=console, B=straight, C=straight, D=crossover, E=crossover
    A=console, B=crossover, C=crossover, D=straight, E=straight


    Refer to exhibit. To allow IP communication betweet the two networks. What type of device is required?
    access point

5. Which type of cable has a solid copper cire with several protective layers including PVC, braided wire shielding, and a plastic covering?
    fiber optic

6. Which two benefits can be gained by locating network equipment in a telecommunications closet, rather tahn in a user area? (Choose two)
    Faster communication speeds
   *improved physical security
    more resistant to hacker attempts
   *centralized cable management
    less electrical usage

7. What is the term for the location at the customer premise where the customer network physically connects to the internet through a telecommunications service provider?
    backbone area
   *point of presence
    network distribution facility
    intermediate distribution frame

8. What does the user of redundant network components supply to a network?

9. It is said that the goal for availability of a communications system is "five-9s". What is meant by this?
    A down time of .00001% is unacceptable
   *A network needs to be available 99.999% of the time
    Five percent of all network expense covers 99% of user requirements
    The most critical time for network availability is from 9.00 to 5.00 p.m. five days a week
    The best time to do maintenance on a network is from 5.00 p.m. ro 9.00 a.m. five days a week

10. What must be added when a network expands beyond the coverage area of the current telecommunications room?

11. Which three issues should be noted on the technician's site survey report? (Choose three)
   *Unlabeled cables
    Only two power outlets per wall in each room
   *Poor physical security of network devices
    Horizontal cabling runs under 100 meters
   *lack of UPS for critical devices
    Two users sharing the same computer

12. In what two ways will entering into a managed service agreement with an ISP for a network upgrade affect the costs that are incurred by the customer? (Choose two)
    Customer IT training costs will increase to enable operation of the new equipment
    The cost of hardware repairs and support will become the responsibility of the customer
   *Network upgrade and maintenance costs will become predictable
    Staffing costs will increase beacause the customer will neew to hire additional IT staff to complete the upgrade
   *The company will not need to spend a large amount of money to purchase the equipment upfront

13. What are advantages of having ISP-managed services? (Choose two)
    Do not require leasing costs for the services
   *Predictable billing
    Eliminate the need for data backup
   *increase availability of help desk services
    Do not require a Service Level Agreement

14. A network technician is assigned to perform a site visit to a customer location to determine the requirements for a network upgrade. In addition to the currently installed equipment inventory. What other information about the hists and networking devices should the technician obtain from customer?
    The cost of the currently installed equipment
    All product keys for site license software
   *Any planned growth anticipated the the near future
    The memory requirements for installed application software

15. When designing a network upgrade. which two tasks should be onsite techinician perform? (Choose two)
    Configure the servers and routers prior to delivery
    Upgrade the network operating system and all client operating systems
   *Investigate and document the physical layout of the premises
    Document the final design for approval by the customer
   *Perform a site survey to document the existing network structure

16. Which three items are typically found in an MDF? (choose three)
    User workstations
   *Switches and routers
    Fax machines
   *Network equipment racks
   *The point of presence

17. Why is it important to review the results of an-site survey report with the customer befire beginning the network design?
    To inform the customer of how much time the upgrade will take
    To discuss the implementation schedule for the new equipment
   *To verify that the report accuratelt describes the current network and any plans for expansion
    To review the new network and discuss possible equipment upgrades and replacements

18. A client requires a networking device that is capable of expansion to accomodate growing network demands. What characterictic must this device have to meet this requirement?
    Ability to monitor operation and change the settings for a device
   *Modular physical configuration
    Ability to manage the device remotely
    Ports that can be activated and deactivated

19. What three things are included in a logical topology document? (Choose three)
    The location of cables, computers, and other peripherals
   *The path that the data takes through  a network
    The wireless signal coverage area
    The wiring closet and access point locations
   *The device names and Layer 3 addressing information
    *The location of routing, network address translation, and firewall filtering

20. Which device has the abiility to break up broadcast and collision domains?