Monday, August 16, 2010


Matakuliah : Basic English 2
Dosen : DAI, TNA, LIA, ASN
Kelas : English B,C,D,H,I,J
Waktu : 90 menit
Sifat Ujian : Close Book/Dictionary

I. Choose the one word or phrase marked A,B,C, or D that best completes the sentence
1. _________ on the weekend ?
A. What you like to do C. What you like
B. What do you like to do D. What do you like

2. Are you going ________ spaghetti today?
A. cook C. to cook
B. cooking D. to cooking

3. What did your friends _______ you for your last birthday?
A. give C. to give
B. gave D. giving

4. X : What are the books?
Y : _______ on my desk.
A. It’s C. Its is
B. They’re D. there are

5. Would you like ______?
A. some ice creams C. Some ice cream
B. an ice cream D. ice creams

6. I’ll __________this weekend
A. go to swimmng C. go swim
B. going swimming D. go swimming

7. This printer is _______ the other one
A. fast than C. more fast than
B. faster than D. more faster than

8. I ________ asleep last night
A. can’t fall C. couldn’t fell
B. couldn’t fell D. couldn’t fall

9. John last his wallet while he _____ in the park
A. jogs C. jogging
B. jogged D. was jogging
10. The weather in Honolulu is __________ the weather in Miami.
A. good than C. better than
B. more good than D. better

11. If it’s sunny, I _______to the beach
A. will go C. will went
B. would go D. would went

12. I _______ an accident this morning.
A. see C. seeing
B. saw D. seen

13. My sister drove the car ________.
A. slow C. slower
B. slowly D. more slow

14. Charlie ________to eat the soup because it was too hot.
A. isn’t able C. wasn’t able
B. couldn’t able D. couldn’t

15. The doctor suggested me to eat _____ fatty meat.
A. few C. fewer
B. more little D. less

16. They __________ while they were skating.
A. fall C. fell
B. felt D. fallen

17. We got wet paint all over _______.
A. ourself C. our
B. ourselves D. ours

18. Keshia ________ eating rich desserts.
A. must stop C. must to stop
B. must stops D. must stopping

19. Add _______ tomatoes to your soup.
A. a little C. more little
B. much D. few
20. The kids can’t eat ______they did before.
A. as much ice cream as C. as much ace cream than
B. as many ice cream as D. as many ice cream than

II. Error analysis. Find the errors in the following text and correct them
The burning off gasoline are the one of the bigger sources of carbon monoxide (CO) across from the atmosphere. Some person believes that CO is causing global warming. They thinks CO thins the ozone layer, which protect we from the sun’s ray. So, tried walking, bicycle, or drive at steady speeds – this are more efficienting than speeding up and slowing down.

1. off -> of 6. _______
2. _______ 7. _______
3. _______ 8. _______
4. _______ 9. _______
5. _______ 10. ______

III. Write a paragraph about your favorite movies/music, at least 10 sentences


MATRIKULASI MATA KULIAH : INTERNET TEKNIK 6 SOAL QUIZ BESERTA JAWABANNYA..^^ 1. Jelaskan dengan singkat apa yang dimaksud dengan : a. Email b. Mailing List (milis) 2. Jelaskan dengan singkat variasi bentuk komunikasi dengan email ! 3. Sebutkan alamat email yang kamu ketahui! Jawab 1. a. Email (Elektronik Email) merupakan proses dan cara pengiriman pesan (mail) atau gambar b. Milis merupakan media komunikasi untuk bertukar informasi,diskusi dan lain-lain tentang topik dengan sebuah group. 2. a. Point to point = Berkomunikasi langsung ke alamat yang dituju b. CC (Carbon Copy) = Selain ke alamat utama juga mengirimkan tembusan ke alamat lain. c. BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) = variasi dari CC d. Distribution List = Bagi orang kepentingan mengirimkan berita harian, pengumuman, dan lain-lain, dan tidak mengharapkan respon dari alamat yang dituju (media komunikasi satu arah) e. Discussion List = (mailing list/milis) 3.,,