Monday, May 23, 2011

As an Indonesian, it is very important to have sense of tolerance in my life both in speaking and in behaving. In this case, tolerance means respecting and learning from others, admiring of differences, be a bridge of our many cultural, in order to congruity. Tolerance is also the beginning of the attitude that can accept differences. Do you know that differences are not wrong? just it should be respected and understood as wealth of our country ‘Indonesia’. For example, differences in race, ethnicity, religion, customs, attitudes, opinion, and many else. Because of this differences , it is very important to have tolerance attitudes and we should be try to live in harmony, both individuals with

individuals, individuals with community groups, and community groups with other community group. If we don’t have sense of tolerance, something bad will be happen in anywhere in this world. Do you want this world become arena of war? Indonesia has many kind of cultural from Sabang until Merauke.
if we don’t have tolerance attitude in our soul, civil war will be happen in Indonesia. It’s very terrible. Do you want your house environment become arena of war? I think, everybody doesn’t want it happened. Difference is not only happen because many kind of ethnic. Differences of opinion are also common, such as discussion forums, both of large and small scope. Example scope of a small discussion is class discussions, speaker with a difference of opinion. It is usual that in discussion has pro team and contra team. In this situation, mutual respect other people's opinions are needed. Don’t get finished occur due to dispute the others participants. We as students should not do things like that, because humans can’t escape from human error and nothing is perfect. In addition, tolerance attitude should have in our soul as a student.
So in this case, a sense of tolerance is needed by humans for living in this world, because without mutual respect and mutual respect, human beings will not be able to live in peace. Arguments and conflicts likely to occur if humans don’t have a sense of tolerance towards other people, even a racial war, tribal, state and nation can also occur. Therefore, the concept of tolerance should be taught from an early age for an adult child's future can become a virtuous noble character. In introducing the attitude of tolerance in children can be done by showing respect for others, provides a good example, taught to speak with caution, and be honest. That way the child will instill the same attitude as the development. Throw away your egoistic, arrogant, close-minded and many else that can make war will be happen. OK, now get up and act!

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