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English : All About Graph | Graph | Definition of Graph

English : All About Graph | Graph | Definition of Graph

Definition Of Graph
= a diagram representing a system of connections or interrelations among two or more things by a number of distinctive dots, lines, bars, etc.

Verbs for describing How data have changed
1. Verbs mean go up
= to increase, to go up, to rise,to climb

2. Verbs mean go down
= to decrease, to go down, to decline, to drop.

3. Verbs mean go up and go down
= to fluctuate

4. Verbs mean stay the same or not have significant in changed
= To remain, to be steady, to plateau

Adjectives and adverbs to describe how fast the change occured
1. adverbs
Fast in changed -> sharp, dramatic, significant
Not too fast in changed -> steady, gradual,slight

2. adjective
Adverb + ly -> sharply, dramatically,significantly, gradually, steadily, slightly

Describes the changes presented in the graph in 2 ways
1. subj + verb + adverb
- sales increased dramatically from 1990 to 1992

2. There was/were + adj + noun
- There was a dramatic increase in sales from 1990 to 1992

Describing graphs using comparative forms
1. Explanation : comparative & superlative adjectives
EX : the percentage of home less people was highest for the while non-hispanic group

Rule 1 : Add ‘er’ / ‘est’ for one-syllable
Adjectives : longer, smaller, the highest

Rule 2 : Add ‘more’ / ‘less’ or ‘the most’ / ‘the least’ for three syllable adjectives or longer : less expensive, the most dangerous

Rule 3: Most two-syllable adjectives require ‘more' / ‘less‘ /‘the most' / ‘the least': more stressful

Rule 4: Two-syllable adjectives ending in ‘y' require ‘ier' / ‘iest' : noisy -> noisier

Rule 5: Adjectives ending in a single vowel and a single consonant require the final consonant to be doubled: big - the biggest, fat- fatter

2. Explanation : logical connectors of comparison & contrast
1. Simple Comparison:
while [difference is not seen as surprising / unusual]
- There was 10% unemployment in London , while in Manchester there was 9%.

2. Contrast
but, although, while, however [difference is seen as surprising / unusual]
- Most cities had unemployment rates of 8-11%, although / while / but in Liverpool it was 15%.

Describing graphs using noun phrases
Noun phrases always have a ‘head noun‘
Ex : The graph presents data about Asian-heritage children who live in the UK but who do not speak their heritage language.

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